Monday, 28 November 2011

Aquarelle - Tuesday 22 November 2PM

Pair of boots by Cathie van der Stel

Boots, Balls & Babies

Marbles by Liz Douglas
Last week the aquarellistas worked on a couple of different themes, Liz Douglas and Veronique L├╝ckerath worked on 'spheres, both in their own way, both terrific! Liz painted a couple of wonderfully transparent marbles. Veronique can't make it that often and wanted to work on this essential starters exercise: spheres... If you do it right, the balls seem to come off the paper and as you can see, this worked out!

Spheres by Veronique Luckerath

Veronique also worked on a seperate excercise, where the shadow on the object is painted in the complimentary colour. This doesn't always work out as a 'black' shadow, but gives a very 'organic' effect, where a typical shadow colour like paynes grey will give a metallic effect. Useful to know when painting fruit... Veronique wasn't happy with the result, but as you can see, a bit of shadow makes it a very believable ball.

The other aquarellistas chose from 20 beautiful photo's of children of the world and created their impressions, in their own personal style. Not all are finished, but here's a preview...

Mother and child by Agnes McLaughlin

Indian Girl by Agnes McLaughlin

Nepalese Girl by Edith Alborni

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