Friday, 13 April 2012

Fish Project

The past weeks, Christie's afternoon sculpture/modelling class has been working on a fish project.

Fish can be built in various different ways, but for this project we decided on building the body using dishes as moulds. The clay was rolled out in an even thickness.
Anne - rolling out clay with a rolling pin and 2 sticks
Afterwards the clay was placed in round salad bowls.
Christie - smoothing out the clay after putting it in to a bowl
Next step: Dry the clay so that it isn't quite as soft as when it was rolled out. On Sunny summer days this is done outside the natural way - but we have not been blessed with good weather the last weeks.
Irene - drying her clay
When the two halves are half dry, they are taken out of the bowl and smoothed on the outside.
Titia - smoothing her 2 halves
Now the exciting bit starts - "glueing" the 2 halves together.
Celina and Irene - "glueing" the fish
Next step is to add all the details to change the "ball" made from the 2 halves in to a fish. Many comments floated about - "looks like Dumbo the elephant" - "not a fish - more like a flying saucer".

In the end they all looked like fish. Judge for yourself:

Irene's fish

Titia's fish

Celina's fish
Now they are all in the back room - slowly drying. They will be bisque fired in about a months time and hopefully we will find somewhere to do Raku glazing.

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  1. Super!! Cool project, cool article, great to see what you guys are up to @Christies Thursday class. BIG compliment