Monday, 23 April 2012

Work from the Aquarelle Tuesday

'Confiture' by Cathie van der Stel

Last Tuesday was a very relaxed afternoon, with a small group of Aquarellistas who really enjoyed themselves, drinking tea, chatting, listening to Adèle - o, and of course working very hard and inspired, on several projects! Cathie finished her confiture painting for our cookbook-to-be and Sandra finished her Spring Poem... (scroll down to previous post for explanation)

Peinture de Printemps by Sandra Seymour-Dale

And Edith Alborni is working hard on her feather girl - it is getting more beautiful: Can't wait to see the finished version...
Mystery behind a peacock feather by Edith Alborni

 Edith also finished her leopard! Working on two paintings at the same time is a great thing with aquarelle (especially if it is not so warm and the paint doesn't dry fast). While one wash is drying, you work on the other painting, that way you never get bored and sometimes even get ideas how to proceed with the other one...
Edith Alborni's Leopard

Edith was not the only one who chose to do a beautiful though scary animal:

Crocodile, by Brigitte Jansen

Unfinished but already very interesting, both the crocodile above as the gecko below!
Red 'n white gecko by Mieke van Papen

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