Monday, 16 April 2012

It's Spring!

Agnes McLaughlin
 Last week the aquarellistas worked within the theme 'spring'... it was terrific fun! Flowers and birds were popular and appeared in many varieties... Above Agnes's love birds. True love in beautiful transparent colours. The foliage is washed out for extra spectacular result, if that isn't love I don't know what is!...
Brigitte Jansen
Brigitte really worked on the feeling of spring, which she expressed in these tulips and their delicate light.
Cathie van der Stel
Cathie is working on an abstraction of spring flowers. They suggest an atmosphere of spring because of their fragile transparency
Edith Alborni
Edith is working on a painting, inspired by an interesting photograph with a girl and a feather. The end result will be much darker than this, but the character is already visible!
Liz Douglas
Another work in progress, very funny birds with an odd one out, always nice. Painted in Liz's distinguishing colourful style - still with lots of masking fluid, but their naughtyness is 'peeping' out...
Mieke van Papen
Mieke took Irises to represent her sense of spring! She combined big brushstrokes with very fine one-hairbrush-lines. It worked out well and created a spontaneous fresh feel.
Monique Randazzo
She worked a long time, very carefully, on these wonderful feathers - the girl has admirable patience, Unbelievable that she actually just started with watercolours!
Sandra Seymour-Dale
Sandra didn't use a picture! She let herself be inspired by a spring poem (great idea!) to create this  original and funny painting in mixed technique - a combination of aquarelle and pen...

'Green slipped out
splashed in early other colors
Young men perked up
early bosoms
once again parading
it was happening with the birds'

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