Monday, 1 October 2012

Aquarelle Tuesday Afternoons with Marina Kulik

Delft Blue, Dancers, Bubblewrap, Vanilla Fudge and more... 
Delft Blue landscape by Jim Kane
Last week I wrote a couple of words on the blackboard and asked all participants to let those words be the inspiration... 'Delft Blue' was one of them, and Brigitte (no picture! sorry!), Anna-Karin, Mieke, Cathie and Jim used it, with the following (and above) results! They couldn't be more varied I'm happy to say, everybody has such an original appraoch☺
Delft Blue vase by Mieke van Papen. Executed with interesting use of the wet-in-wet technique

Anna-Karin Fast used the actual words - as well as the colour, to create a calligraphic image...Click the not-so-good photo to enlarge & appreciate the very fine background

Cathie van der Stel's beautiful Delft Blue bowl with pears... Not yet finished but beauty already visible...
'PEEK-A-BOO' an excellent and funny aquarelle by Agnès McLaughlin, the last blue one...
One of the other inspiration words was 'Dancers', Sandra and Beverly picked up on that one. Again, in very different - and clever ways:
Beverly's take on dancing

And Sandra Seymour-Dale's unbelievably moving and passionate dancer
 Sandra worked with masking fluid, that she thinned with water and then sprayed with a toothbrush on the paper. Let it dry and this is the effect... I think this is the only effect (in watercolours, so without white paint) you really need masking fluid for....

 This use of masking fluid inspired Cathy Dariel for her 'Bubblefly'

Edith Alborni also started the masking foam effect and started a 'Nebula' painting that is not finished yet, and last but not least, Liz worked bravely on last weeks' assignment with the scarves and it is really getting somewhere now:

RU ready for the winter - scarves, by Liz Douglas

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