Monday, 8 October 2012

Aquarelle Tuesday with Marina Kulik

Apples & pears, bowls 'n birds, portraits and knots...
Ikea bowl with apples by Anna Karin Fast.
Not quite finished but to beautiful to keep in my file ☺
Last week's aquarellista session wasn't very crowded so we had a great, zen afternoon, where everybody did what they felt like. Many different subjects - all interesting and well done!
 Cathie ven der Stel's wonderful bowl with pears.

Delft Blue by Brigitte Jansen. She achieved excellent volume here!

A-Ma-Zing sky with falling stars in this overall magic painting by Sandra Seymour-Dale.
Click to enjoy the rich detail even more!!
A wise owl with piercing eyes - enjoying the Indian summer.
By Agnes McLaughlin
And a wise little boy: Brenda Moorhouse's portrait of her grandson.
 I can't wait to see the painting finished tomorrow...
The photo doesn't really do justice to these transparent scarves by Mieke van Papen.
Luckily they will be presented in our exhibition starting next week... More about that very soon, so watch this space!!

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