Monday, 26 November 2012

Aquarelle - Tuesday afternoons 2pm with Marina

Sunsets & Vitamins all possible styles, by the Aquarellistas!
Agnès's Amazing African sundown... a passionate painting with brush and knife
Subtle Sunset by Anna-Karin
Rhoda Seymour-Dale visits France from time to time and then passes by to paint with us.
She painted two beautiful aquarelles, the one up here and the one below...
Sandra's Sunset, another completely different impression! Sandra used the typical watercolour 'cauliflowers' to create a snowy landscape. Very fragile, misty and cold!

Both starters Jim and Cathy created wonderful sunset landscapes, inspired by the same pictures. They both worked out fine, and for both I had a remark to improve their work. Because I like photoshop so much, I changed the pictures to show what I meant...
The horizon in Jim's aquarelle was not a straight line...
In the version on the right I have straightened the horizon for an even better image!

The reflection of the hill in the water needed a bit of tweaking, in the picture on the right I added a bit of reflection (not sure if it really improved things
In the meantime starter Wendy did a GREAT job on the 'Volume' exercise, very well done on that!
And then on to the volume of healthy, vitamine rich fruit!
Here for example the juicy apples and pears by Liz...

Almost finished: Brigitte's Atmospheric Autumn still life
And last but not least, Cathie's unbelievable fruity fruit!!

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