Monday, 12 November 2012

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2pm with Marina Kulik

Last Tuesday we were with a small group (it's holiday in the South of France) and there were several projects that the 'select six' worked on. One of them was a portrait from the Help section in l'Aquarelle... read more about that following this link to the Aquarellista blog
Jim Kane started another portrait in the best and most efficient way for watercolours: determine where the light (in other words 'the white') is, and leave those areas unpainted, then paint everything else in the lightest colour... and in the next stage, add shadow and other colours, then start with the details... We will see more of it in the next post I'm sure!
We have a new aquarellista, Wendy Boyer, who is a painter in other media but just started with watercolours! She did a very good job on the colour transparency exercise and than happily started experimenting with colours, mixing them wet-in-wet and noticing all the interesting effects... The painting above is not finished but already looks great!
And then there are two paintings that I really want to show you because they are soooo great:
A perfect pinguin by Anna-Karin - not yet completely finished but already so much character! Click picture to see bigger version...
Anna-Karin Fast has discovered a new way of using colours, involving black - a colour we tried to avoid up to now because I always said, black is boring... But it looks like I was wrong!! I hope to get Anna-Karin to write a guest-post about her technique, or maybe tell us all about it and I'll do the posting.

Old cracked paint - a try-out by Cathie

Cathie van der Stel has also discovered something she likes and that involves old walls and ornaments... This is one of her first tries, she combined a couple of things like the ornament on the left, and the combination with rusty bolts  and handle and it looks so well together! Can't wait to see future versions of this!

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