Friday, 16 October 2015

Live Model on Monday

Every other Monday there's a live class, a drawing session of 2 hours with a nude model -and a tea coffee cookies break in the middle, because it wears you out!
We always start with a warming up in which the model turns every one or 2 minutes, for a slightly different perspective.
After that you are supposed to 'know' the model, and we're going for the longer poses! From 10 or 20 minutes to 1 hour...

Some love to work longer on one pose, others (like Patience, see above) make a lot of drawings, choosing other spots to draw from during a long pose...
These are variations on the long pose, seen through 5 different sets of eyes:

 Peter (working with ink and a brush made of lavender twigs)
 Peter (classic charcoal)
 Peter (back to the lavender, other spot)
There is always a great atmosphere in this class, there are starters and professional artists and everyone in between. French, English, German, Dutch, Belgian, Swedish, Norwegian and Greek participants, and more of you are always welcome!

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