Thursday, 29 October 2015

Marie on Monday

 Every Monday there is a drawing session.The 2nd of November there's a still life, and Pim will explain how to actually get that on paper, see, feel and measure the perspective and give it a twist! If you are going, take some pictures of the still life, the drawings and maybe even of the people working!

Pim and I alternate, so Monday the 26th there was a live class. The group was huge and I just took some random pictures - but they give a very good impression of our beautiful model Marie - and of the high level of our drawers!!

 It is completely free to draw what and how you want - so if you want to practise your portrait skills, that's fine! If you go for artistic expression, that's fine too! Just tell me in advance...

 Because there is an exhibition coming up with a theme, 'Circus', Marie, our model, who has actually worked in a circus, brought her hoop, and posed with it. For the short poses (1 and 2 minutes) during the warming up she beautifully balanced with it. No pictures of that, but we are going to repeat this on 9 November and I will make sure you get to see the results!

There were four new participants, Agnes, Arturo, Jacqui and Nadine. Already called the fab four - because they produced several great drawings!

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