Wednesday, 27 January 2016


From 29 January 10.30 the doors of the Salle St Esprit open to an exhibition of artwork from the Hangar artists. 
I was part of the organizing team and I am so proud of what it has become! It looks amazing as a total, the artworks are diverse and of a high quality and the theme 'Quel Cirque' has inspired everyone to think 'playful' which has led to great results! 

Of course this is a MUST-VISIT exhibition - and we would love to see you all on the Vernissage on Saturday 30 January, from 12 noon - or on another date: we are open every day from 10.30 - 6pm!

But here's a picture-preview (thank you MJ and Karin!) for the really curious - and for the 60 participants who I'm sure can't wait to see how it has turned out...

Even if you have no artwork in this exhibition, you can be an active participant: we will have a contest for the most popular artwork! On the "Finissage" (the last day of the exhibition, on Sunday 14 February, when we will finish the leftover drinks and make sure there are nibbles) we will announce the winner! Everybody can vote - there are forms and a big box to put them into...

To be admired: Watercolours, Drawings, Acrylic paintings, Sculptures, Oil paintings and Art Prints.  Most of the artwork is for sale...

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