Monday, 25 January 2016

The Aquarellistas - the watercolour group of the Hangar

On Tuesdays, from 2pm - 4.30 pm the Hangar is a very zen place: it is warm and cosy, there is music, there is herb tea, chatting and laughing - but also deep concentration. A watercolour is different from other painting techniques - we work on paper, with the transparent and watery paint, and we work fast and spontaneous. Usually we spend 1 afternoon on a subject and then most of us are finished!

And then sometimes we do research or an experiment. Like last week, when we dived in the subject of "Short Curly Hair". It was inspired by the front page of the magazine l'Art de l'Aquarelle:
 Front Page painting by Dylan Scott Pierce

The assignment was meant to experiment and try out what would work best to create the illusion of curly hair... The idea was not to create a beautiful picture or a deep statement. It was practicing hair, with a face underneath to explain what it is meant to be... But of course you can't suppress talent - and as you can see, most of the curls are totally believable!



 by Linda
( pupils to be added and lips to be defined but curls are good!)

 True research! by Sue

 Edith is still working on this portrait. mainly with a fine brush. Amazing character!!

 Agnès used a combination of wet-in-wet and palet knife to achieve this breathtaking painting!!
 Carol worked on this serious boy. What a character... Is he anxious about something?

Yes! This painting is now finished and telling a story! You can check it out from 29 January in the Quel Cirque Exhibition in Valbonne (more about that very soon!)

See for more info about the project itself!

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