Friday, 8 January 2016

Pim in the News

A great way to start the year for Pim de Jongh: A Three-Page article about his life and work in the Holland Côte d'Azur Magazine.

Translation of the headline:
The Painters' World of Pim de Jongh
Humor often plays a big role in his work

It is very interesting, with lots of pictures and you can also read about his life and drive, from birth to now.
The article is written by art historian Lèneke Knipscheer, who also is an associate member of the Hangar!

 One of these days I will put a copy in the Hangar for those who do not receive the magazine... 

Congratulations with this achievement Pim!

NB: In the same magazine, there's a also review of the Hangar Exhibition:

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