Saturday, 23 July 2016

Gilles - Monday's live Model

Last Monday we had our last live model session of the summer.
With a new star modeling for us: Gilles. A lovely guy.
We did the same drill as always,
6 different poses of 1 minute, then 6 of 2 minutes, 3 of 10 minutes then a nice coffeebreak.
And one long pose the rest of the time.
So, nothing new there, but still everyone agreed that is was so different to draw a male model.
It was an excellent morning, rewarding for all and the results are interesting!
The model group won't work in August, but Pim will have the drawing class from time to time
I will definitely keep you posted on that.
I wish you all a fantastic summer...
...and if you miss the classes, go to the beach (or your pool) and draw the people there

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