Friday, 1 July 2016

Hangar Trip to Spain: Day 2 - Ciutadella Rosas

A group of 25 Hangar artists went to Spain from 24 - 28 May, to draw and paint outside and go on an excursion to the Dali museum in Figueres. Like every year, it was a fantastic, inspirational and creative time, I do hope we get a chance to have a reunion and show our work as well as all the action-photo's! Here's an overview of the second day...

On Thursday the 26th we got up early to go to the famous 'Ciutadella' of Rosas...

That is a fabulous area with an enormous amount of interesting ruins, all with a different athmosphere. A great subject as you will see from the resulting drawings...

The hotel had kindly taken care of lunch packs - they also made enough for the 16 golfers - who were not interested! You can imagine there was plenty of food... Bread with cheese and the real Spanish raw ham, bananas and water. On top of that, Karin and Anton volunteered to buy a couple of ice-cold bottles of white wine for the really thirsty...

And there we were, all hungry from the hard and creative work in the morning, nicely draped around the tables, thoroughly enjoying the warm Spanish sun.....

 The left-overs found their way to the local charity - and then it was 'back to work'!

Around 4pm some wanted to wrap up and go back to the hotel (which wasn't far) but others stayed behind because they were still inspired and didn't want to stop drawing...

In the hotel Pim gave a demo of how to 'wash in' colour in a pen drawing. This demo attracted a lot of attention and not only from Hangar members...
Below are some of the drawings we created outside. Together they give a fantastic impression of what the Citadel area looked like:











 Marie Anne





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