Friday, 15 July 2016

Monday 11 June: Life model

Every other Monday morning there is a life drawing session in the Hangar. There is a nude, male or female, posing for us (last Monday it was VĂ©ronique) and the objective is to draw perfect proportions while catching as much of the 'essence' of the model as possible. To achieve that, we start with a 'warming up': the first half of the two-hour session starts with 6 poses of 1 (one!) minute and then 6 poses of 2 minutes.

This is serious brain training, you hardly have time to think - and after 6 poses of one minute, you are used to it. The two minutes for the next round seem quite long!

After that we go for 2 or 3 longer poses, and I pass by to comment, give hints and tips or even praise!

Then there's a coffee break - that everyone needs and deserves: quick drawing wears you out!
By now the participants 'know' the model and the rest of the time we spend with one and the same pose - draw for a long time and work on shadows and volume, or walk around and draw the model from different angles...Here are some of the results - quite good huh?!

 On Monday 18 July we have another model session, this time with a male model. We start 10am and finish at noon. If you are interested to try it out - you are most welcome! Basic materials provided.

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