Monday, 12 December 2011

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm - Marina Kulik

Bye bye Bibbi!

The Aquarellista group has said goodbye to Britt-Marie Isaksson in style! We surprised her with a goody bag full of  memories, from photo's to the tea & cookies we have, the cd's we play, the (Arche Torchon) paper we use etc etc...

We didn't spend an awful lot of time working, but despite that, goodlooking aquarelles saw the light. Unfortunately my cameralens was dirty, so the pics presented here are all a bit vague...
Christmas Rose by Brigitte Jansen

Grapes by Liz Douglas

Village by Lesley Bufton

Lowering the sails by Edith Alborni

Sisters by Agnes McLaughlin

St Tropez Regatta by Roly Bufton

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