Monday, 19 December 2011

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm - Marina Kulik

Aquarellistas from high heels to barefoot - and more...
Liz Douglas' grapes, ready for eating - or drinking...

'On their way to George' by Agnes McLaughlin

Dreamy portrait of a girl by Edith Alborni

Fabulous slingback by Brigitte Jansen

Amazing painting of true fatigue. By Sandra Seymour-Dale

Feet need a cool down by Liz Douglas

Swans in a Swedish lake by Anna-Kartin Fast

Mean mean stiletto by Mieke van Papen

The start of a rhythmic, graphic picture of windows by Lesley Bufton. What you see here are the first washes. They have warm colours and the final result will therefore be warm, even if the windows and shadows will be shades of (cold) blue...
Roly Bufton tried his hands on a Provence landscape, and did a good job! Note how well the dark/light contrast works (esp. on the trees)... One more to go in 2011! and then on to a new artistic year...

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