Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bibbi Isaksson

Starting a new adventure...

One of the very very talented aquarellistas of our Hangar group, Bibbi Isaksson, is a professional artist with an impressive and very original, creative oeuvre of painted tales and landscapes of fantasy. But she is leaving the South of France and moving back to her homeland Sweden. I am happy to know her - and sad that she leaves us! She is a great and very inspiring artist as well as a super nice person.

2x Bowl of cherries

Bibbi has promised to keep us posted on her new aquarelles when she is settled 'up North' so it isn't really goodbye, and we may even have a chance to visit her and let us be inspired by the beautiful landscapes of her country. But for the time being we'll have to make do with a little random show of her work...
Bibbi's Lascaux

Those were the days

A story of trust and jealousy

Tomatoe girl

May the good times come

Bibbi wishes you all a great Christmas and very happy new year...

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