Thursday, 29 March 2012

Nelly's back!!

We were very pleased to welcome Nelly back to the class following her unfortunate accident which resulted in a broken leg. Her advice was much in demand but a few students needed little help to finish their artworks, such as a this delightful, impressionistic study of two boys by Claudie Deforge:

Chris Herlicq finished one of her large portraits of her family. Her use of colour and ability to show the expression on her son's face is particularly well done. Watch for the rest in this series.

Gina Smit came back after a break with a half-painted canvas and in one morning finished this free-flowing, bright abstract. Using a limited pallette but strong use of tones, this is a great success.

Charmian Murley has been on holiday in Madagascar and is now captivated by lemurs. This one is a Sifaka and is painted on a raw linen ground. There will be more species to come

Also on linen, this is Pesaka Boy, owned by a friend in the U.K. Look out for him racing in the future.

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  1. Great to have you back Nelly!! And what wonderful developments your group is working on... love from Marina