Monday, 19 March 2012

Preparation for Aquarellista Exposette

Edith Alborni, Liz Douglas, Agnès McLaughlin and Georgina Hole

During the Café Culture Cinéma of coming Wednesday, the aquerellistas will show their work on 'Carnival of Venice'. Plus a couple of other good ones, like the stripey nudes...and a photo presentation of how we work...
Brigitte Jansen

An excellent reason (next to a very interesting documentary about photographer Annie Leibovitz) to come to the Hangar on Wednesday night... Here's a preview of some of the paintings you can see 'live' on Wednesday - we hope to finish everything tomorrow!!
Sandra Seymour-Dale, Anna-Karin Fast, Cathie van der Stel, Marina Kulik

Helene van der Kroft

Sandra Seymour-Dale

Monique Randazzo
Liz Douglas is painting another one... will she finish it in time?

NB: the Café Culture Cinéma will take place on Wednesday 21 March in the Hangar, with a documentary about photographer Annie Leibovitz. And an exhibition of Aquarelles.
Opens 7.30pm - Movie starts 8pm

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