Monday, 5 March 2012

Smart use of cling film

Sometimes it is such fun to use other materials in your aquarelle! For instance: cling film. It gives an effect that would be hard to create with a brush, it is lively, spontaneous and you can never be completely sure what it ends up like... Mmm sounds like aquarelle watercolours! It is a great way to fill up a background if you want it to be interesting but not too dominant. Many have experimented with it and last week Agnès tried it for her 'collage girl'
Make a wet -in-wet background, with lots of pigment(s) and put wrinkly cling film on it.
Let dry (in the air, don't use a hairdryer) carefully take the film off and behold the result:
Collage Girl by Agnès McLaughlin

At the same time Roly worked hard and steady on his own -perfectly drawn!- boat:
Roly Bufton's yacht
He is visiting her this week so high expectations for an all-inspired finishing of this project...

Brigitte finished her original scarf - she has now achieved mastery in folds and stripes!
 Brigitte Jansen's bedouine-like image of a scarf

There is also a lot of good work in progress - Cathie van der Stel started the last part of her series of sea beasts - a lobster (they really come in spectacular colours but this one is coloured according to Cathie's imagination...), Mieke van Papen began with an abstract looking jellyfish, Edith Alborni worked on a picture of a running leopard, Lesley Bufton almost finished a very happy painting of a couple of  ducks (or geese?) and Lies Timmermans started a promising graphical nude... I hope to show you all that next week!

We finish with Edith Alborni's creative take on last week's subject:
Edith Alborni

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