Monday, 12 March 2012

Carnaval de Venise - a project in aquarelle

Lots of great work again last Tuesday...! We have started a project inspired on Lesley Bufton's visit to Venice - where the carnival happened to be in full swing!! She had exciting pictures - that unfortunately were a bit too small yet gave us plenty of ideas and we found what we were looking for on the internet. Some of us worked on their own pictures:

Brigitte Jansen on her way to finish another very interesting and deep aquarelle!
Most striking is the mask but also interesting that she has used lots of salt on the hat, with a refined effect (much salt gives little dots, a few grains give big shapes)

Lesley Bufton started on an ambitious - and very cool - picture of an 'Arlequino'...

Helene van der Kroft created on a composition of two masks...

And then there was teamwork! We are making two really big paintings - with 4 artists. This means constant communication, on sizes, measurements and colours, quite a challenge!
Liz Douglas and Edith Alborni started a wonderful picture in flaming colours... They hope to be joined by two more painters coming Tuesday...

 And the second team painting by Sandra Seymour-Dale, Anna-Karin Fast, Cathie van der Stel and Marina Kulik

It already looks super if you ask me - coming Tuesday we'll try to finish most of the work and you can actually check all this out on the next Café Culture (Wednesday 21 March), when we'll exhibit them - and more aquarelles - in the Hangar!!

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