Friday, 20 July 2012

Aquarelle Tuesdays with

Cathie van der Stel

Last Tuesday the aquarellistas worked on an 'inspiration' exercise, something that is almost undoable in other techniques, but super easy and great fun in aquarelle!!

Cathy Dariel
It goes like this:
Make a lot of thin paint in a couple of colours. I recommend 'cool' bluish tones because it is used for a background, but you don't have to... Then wet your paper, irregularly, randomly, leaving dry spots too. When done with the clear water, drip in the colours, move your paper so that it drips in every direction, in short, try to be as random as you can!

Edith Alborni 

 Let the paint dry and when it is dry, have a very good look at it. Maybe you see shapes that you recognise. Let them inspire you and make them darker, I recommend a warmer colour, because it is your 'foreground', but it is of course up to you, you're the artist... Sometimes you 'see' it immediately, sometimes there isn't anything catching your eye. In that case, just follow the shapes you see, randomly paint rims and borders and keep on doing it.

Jim Kane

There is no result obligation, you have to do it just for the fun of using your brush and creating shapes. And after a while you'll see that very beautiful and interesting forms appear.

Sandra Seymour-Dale

If you have your foreground, in whatever shape, you can add patterns to it, the 'details' like dots or stripes or hearts or just 'cauliflowers' or salt...

Brigitte Jansen

Do this until you are finished or until you are fed up. If you don't like your painting, put it away for a couple of days then look again!

Monique Randazzo

Chances are that you now like it completely or at least part of it... If not: therapeutical tearing up is recommended...

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