Monday, 9 July 2012

Aquarelle Tuesdays

Light, Dark, Contrast - and Sweets

Sunlight in the pond by Sandra Seymour-Dale
In this post we start with two wonderful and interesting aquarelles by Sandra Seymour-Dale. Sandra works as follows: she often uses a picture (she takes them herself, of something out of nature) to let herself be inspired. The lines, or the colours, or the shapes - lead her towards a more or less abstract work. It usually takes several sessions and layers before she is happy, and as you can see above and below, it's worth the time spent on it!!
The entrance of the cave by Sandra Seymour-Dale

A project to be finished - Cathie and Edith are both painting a candy still life - colourful jelly beans and other nice colourful sweets in a glass jar. From the same picture and you can see that - but still their 'handwriting' is so different! Love that ☺- and look forward to the finished paintings

Edith Alborni

Cathie van der Stel
Rose-Marie worked on 'spheres' - a starters exercise with interesting results, and Mieke used her last day before holidays to paint wonderful cupcakes!
Jellybeans by Rose-Marie Duclos

Cupcakes by Mieke van Papen

The holidays are starting, almost everybody is eithet going away or has people staying, so the classes are getting less full! This is your chance to get some extra attention of your teachers!  And get results like this....

'Who's behind the Carnival Mask' by Cathie van der Stel

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