Monday, 2 July 2012

Starters group Aquarelle

Abstract by Jim Kane

The new aquarellistas group is working very well! Above a part of Jim Kane's work on the 'copy the colours' exercise... A starters exercise, where the objective is to get the same colours of an abstract image (shape not impotant) Well done - and at the same time showing how bright you can get with aquarelle watercolours!
Spheres by Cathy Dariel

Another exercise, shown above, teaches how to paint realistic, volumous, realistic  marbles. Important is the consistency of the direction of the light (highlight and shadow) and the fact that the light comes back on a rounded object from behind: this effect is achieved by leaving a tiny bit of white between the object and the shadow...

The volume exercise by Cathy Dariel
All of the above comes together in the 'suggest volume' exercise. Cathy is still working on it - and the volume starts coming, especially in the upper right and left!

And last but not least a typical Aquarelle Starters exercise, where the left part of the rainbow is created by mixing primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to get the secondary colours (violet, green and orange). Jim also tried out a couple of things... and has an impressive signature!

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