Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cover Competion

The cover of Chris France's second book by Sandra Seymour-Dale

You may remember that Marina's drawing group participated in a contest to design the cover of the second book about 'Valbonne and the lives of the idle rich' by Chris France.
14 participants drew Chris in several poses during a sunny Monday morning and then had almost 2 months to work out their sketches in a full colour design. Not everybody had the time and the energy to work it out, but 6 showed their results last Monday and I proudly present them:
Chris France by Wim Teunissen

Chris France by Bevvy

Chris France by Cathie van der Stel

 Chris France by Brenda Moorhouse

 Chris France by Fiona Biziou

Chris chose the painting that was created by Sandra Seymour-Dale because it had the qualities that go best with the book: it is funny, sharp and slightly silly. Furthermore it had the dog Banjo in it, something which Chris really appreciated... But he was very impressed with all of them!

He talks about it in his daily blog (if you scroll a bit):

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