Monday, 24 February 2014

Aquarelle Watercolours - on Tuesdays, from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

work in progress by Nusch...masking fluid still on...
Masks and more II
 We were with a small group Tuesday - and that meant plenty of verveine tea, lots of cookies and personal attention for everyone... Nusch and Agnès were the only two who felt like working on masks - and they both did impressive jobs. Agnès finished hers:
 Agnès created a watercolour with a 'real story' behind it...It wasn't there in the previous versions but now (to me) there's innocence in the middle and jealousy on the sides... do you agree?  
Anna-Karin has been working on these flowers for a long time. The 'mosaic' style allows her to work in small parts. But now she has al-most finished (one detail on the leaves in the flower right). I absolutely love it!
Edith also loosely painted some flowers - she was actually 'working for the bin' but it has such great elements. In the light on the flowers, the tiny flower down under and the speck of light between the yellow and red flower on the right...

Constanza was very much interested in the effect of 'cling film' and after she had found her subject, she set to work on this amazing sphere! What a mysterious painting it has become...very well done!

Edith also gave the sphere a try, in Jean Haines style, she really does her best to work for the bin - but to no avail, this cannot be thrown out, it is just too good!

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