Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Live Drawing - alternate Monday mornings with Marina

Charmian - drawing with regular graphite pencil
Every other Monday morning, we have a live nude model in the Hangar. We draw all morning, with different materials and in very different styles. Live drawing is difficult - it involves motion and emotion and knowledge of anatomy and all of that is very good for you! As all participants will agree. Last Monday Brigitte modeled for us, and here are a coule of pictures - not the best, I took them with my phone, but it will give you an idea of what we're doing. Somehow the pictures of Christiane and Bernard (which were so GOOD!) have disappeared - I will make up for that next time...
Kyria made a lot of very quick, big sketches. With charcoal

This drawing by Pauline is created with white pencil on black paper

Betty's version was created with an all-graphite stick

The artist at work: Neville with pencil on canvas-paper

Claudie worked on black paper with white crayon
Our next session will be on March the 3d! You are invited to come and to try it out - basic materials and the model are included in the class-fee of 18€. If you would like to join, drop Marina an email (via the hangar website) or comment below for more info!

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