Sunday, 2 February 2014

Drawing a still life - Mondays 9.30 - 12 with Pim de Jongh

Betty Schep
As every other Monday in the winter, Pim built one of his spectacular still lives (this time with white plaster objects by the look of it) and the participants then created their cubist version of it, with ink (and dark watercolours) using overlapping shapes…

Pauline Bull
As always the results were very interesting, showing graphic transparency and changing everyday objects into something very special, wonderful to look at.

Lucia Gualtieri
Again, we recommend this class for everybody who is interested in deepening  their drawing skills, learning more about how to draw shadow, light and contrasts, better understanding perspective and much much more. Apart from that, Pim is always fun to be with, the Hangar is a great space to be on a cold Monday morning (as soon as it is warmer Pim will take you outside to draw), so give it a try someday soon!!
This class alternates with the live model class, the next live model class is Monday 3 February, the next regular drawing class will take place on 10 February - you are cordially invited!!

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