Friday, 19 December 2014

Thursday Sculpture Class

Every Thursday a regular bunch of us come to the Hangar to do sculpture with Christie. During the school holidays - occasionally some of the students bring along the youngsters in the family - that is, if there aren't too many other artists working. It's always fun to have young people around because they work on totally different things from everyone else. The first 3 pieces of artwork are from 3 of the youngsters.

The theme this term has been animals. Hanne has chosen cats. Below is one of her works made in white - high fire - clay.
Hanne's cat
Dom continues to work on his tools. This tme he had tools in white clay which he painted before firing, using a black slip with vinegar.

Dom's tools
Tracy has a series of abstracts in black clay - here is the latest addition

Tracy's abstract
The black clay starts out brown when we work with it. It is a clay that contains quite a lot of grog - so it will never give a smooth surface. It fires well and goes completely black when fired at 1200 C.

If you like what you see - why not come and join us on Thursdays 10-16 after Christmas ?

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