Monday, 8 December 2014

AQUARELLE - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Anna-Karin's stunning background with trees

Tuesday 2 December

Last Tuesday Catherine and Dom did their very best on a variety of starters' exercises, and the results (although they are just meant to practise!) are very promising:
Catherine painted 3 background exercises on one board! 
Existing forground - background first - flowing background. 
Not finished, more later, but well done already

Dom worked hard on the spheres - and is now hooked! Next time - dew drops for him...

So we worked on 'backgrounds'. Either combined with a detailed foreground - or background only. It certainly inspired Cathie and Sandra who both painted their own version of 'stormy weather'. 



Avril and Christiane chose a background with a detailed foreground, and both chose a tree - and that's where the resemblance ends, isn't it fun to see the differences!!

 An African landscape by Avril 
(note how she makes the background go on behind the tree)

A fairy-tale tree coming out of the clouds by Christiane...
All ends of branches will be animal faces!

South French Village by Liz (forgot to ask which one) with blue-sky background
she used small torn-off pieces of masking tape for the whites, which gives a very playful effect.

Christine will work on a background too - but has started a (very complicated) foreground! This is going to be gorgeous (but will take a few more sessions to complete)!

And then last but certainly not least, a couple of projects were finished!

 Anna-Karin's Red Cabbage

 Avril's Jellyfish

Edith's Jellyfish

It was another fine class! With music (thanks to Avril) cookies (thanks to Nelly), tisane and coffee - and a great atmosphere. I'm ready for the next one... Wanna join? Pop in to have a look! Starters program available... Materials provided.

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