Sunday, 21 December 2014

Aquarelle on Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30 with Marina

Anna-Karin's optical illusion is finished!

Last Tuesday was the last session of the year... It was extra-zen, not a very big group, Agnès made yummie lemon cakes with even yummier icing, we had lots of verveine tea and we played relaxing music... Elia B, Agnès and Constanza finished their 'Hands', they all look brilliant!

 Multi-culti hands in 'Together we shape the universe'... by Agnés -

 Subtle suggestion of a hand by Constanza

Fabulous surrealistic aquarelle by Elia B - two spirits reaching out to each other...
 Christine's Still Life with Bonbons is coming along VERY fine! Almost finished...

 And an excellent little still life by Yves
 Liz started work on the next 'Village in the South' - Roussillon... This is the basic wash, very bright orange - and believe it or not, the colours of that village are not far from this! Also the cubic shapes are already visible...

 Yves also painted the autumn-view from his house - from the top of his head! Well done!
 And then there were 2 doodle-watercolours that I'd like to show you:
 These cells by Constanza
and this Xmas decoration by Elia
And now we're going to enjoy a time-out! We will see each other again for the first time on Tuesday 13 January!

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