Monday, 23 February 2015

Crazy Faces in Aquarelle (and oil pastels)

Last Tuesday we felt like having fun - and we did! Helped by oil pastels, lots of big blobs of watercolour paint and straws, we created wild hair on funny-looking faces.Very addictive.

 Christiane's heart shaped face

 Christine painted her daughters - looking forward to the holidays

The oil pastel/watercolour technique can also be used for other things than crazy hair - like this tree by Jovita!
Jovita also worked on a starters exercise - and she did it very well!

Mieke also painted bright colours, suggesting a hand... Can you see it?

Guus took the right/left-brainhalf crunch and was so confused that it took him almost the full 2 hours to get this drawing done... Water-colours next time...

 Sandra finished her wild seascape. I think the orange on the top is exciting!

 And Sandra finished this girl with a flowery hat, in true Sandra-style!

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