Monday, 9 February 2015

Tuesday 2 - 4.30pm, Aquarelle with Marina

 Last Wednesday the aquarellistas painted 'baby-animals' because we thought that would be a good emotional subject to get over calculating and left-brainhalf stripes of the zebra's.
Unfortunately, baby animals are quite fluffy, so we had a challenge. Fluffy in watercolours can be achieved with a lot of water and patience: wet the surface where the fluff is going to be, and paint the dark background leaving out the animal, and add the lighter colour of the fur or the feathers later

Or have a dry hard brush -or a toothbrush- ready, paint the dark background and brush over the dark background. Like litttle mister piggy here:

 You can also create a painting that is so cute that no one cares about the fluffiness, like Agnès did with this upside-down'n-rolling-around kitten!

  Edith  started an übercute baby elephant (not furry)

 And Avril and Liz practised on a duckling... Avril's above, not finished, but looks promising!

 Fluffy panda by Cathie (she calls it her depressed Panda - but I clearly see him smile)
Happy penguins in the last rays sunshine by Liz

And then there were projects to finish - and Anna-Karin started her zebra - experiencing the same things as the others had before her... frustration and delight at the same time...

 Looking great! Finished this Tuesday...

 And two wild animals Very Well Done by Edith. 
The tiger is gorgeous, and the Giraffe so special!

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