Monday, 2 February 2015

Tuesday 2 - 4.30 Aquarelle, with Marina

Absolutely stunning zebra-pic by Agnès. 
The fact that she painted a part outside the borders makes it extra special!

The results of the Zebra project...
 We've not had so many reactions in a long time, but everyone apparently likes watercolours of zebra's and other animals with interesting patterns... And all remarks and reactions came on the un-finished paintings! Here's the latest:
Agnès's next watercolour - the tiger. Again with stuff outside the borders... 

 Last week we finished most projects, and I am very happy with all that came out of it, most of the aquarellistas experienced the so-called left/right brainhalf  'crunch' (counting stripes versus painting wonderful colours) but persevered - and look what happened:
 Zebra by Avril
 Running giraffe by Christiane, lovely patterns too! 
For her granddaughter, who will love it I'm sure

 Stripey Zebra by Christine. So well done!
After long deliberation she decided to remove the background. It will stay white (even those last pencil stripes will be removed). Good choice.

Costanza's colourful Zebra worked out really well!
After the zebra Elia was still in the African mood and started a giraffe

Elia's Giraffe: love the composition

Just a couple of colourful stripes- make a zebra eye! Good work and very recognizable. By Liz

Thirsty zebra by Sandra, great painting!

Penguin couple with baby by Liz

Still life with lemons by Yves

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