Monday, 16 February 2015

Aquarelle Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

Overview of a hard working and concentrated Aquarellista group!

Last Tuesday we mainly worked on un-finished projects, and lingered on the baby-animals because they are so nice to as a subject...

How about these fan-tas-tic ducklings ♥♥ by Anna-Karin!!

 Liz's version of the upside-down kitten

Elia b.'s baby elephant, now finished... so sweet!

Avril's duckling - they don't come fluffier than this

 Elia's Giraffe - such a great composition, and the eyes are now perfect!

Elia also started this cat - playing with a 'knot' (our official subject - more about that later, it is complicated and very left-brainhalf)

Yves painted these funny colourful birds

 A signature surrealistic painting by Elia. 
With music and being stuck and growing, all in one.
Is my interpretation (and yours may be completely different... I love it!)

 Sandra working on another very interesting portrait

Sandra's portrait in its first stages

Christine set up a still life in a little corner

She is going to work more 'freestyle' the coming weeks! 
No drawing, painting directly on the paper. 
A good start - more will follow I'm sure!

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