Monday, 2 March 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesday 2 - 4.30pm, with Marina

Driftwood & Manga...
Last Tuesday we let ourselves be inspired by driftwood... It was not easy - but the results were impressive. Also, we had two guests, Manon and Christine, who brought their own subject - also inspiring and defiunitely something we will one day give a try: Manga... a typical Japanese style of comic book drawing...

Costanza took a simple  example and made this exciting aquarelle out of it!

 Christiane created a colourful and real-looking piece of driftwood

 Christine combined watercolours and felt pen for this excellent worn wood

 Edith (work in progress) created a driftwood-elephant

 Great colours and shapes inspired by driftwood - by Sandra

Avril's driftwood - in progress

And then there were two guests: Christine (L) and Manon (R) - they brought their own subject: an Egyptian beauty in Manga-style... Difficult drawing and then watercolours, it was the first time they used it - and wow - they did great!

'Our own' Christine also gave Manga-drawing a go - and came up with a really good one:

Liz and Sandra didn't go for the Manga's but painted beautiful females with a touch of spring...


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