Friday, 20 March 2015

Live model on Monday - with Marina

 We had a great session last Monday! The 'starters' are no longer starters, there is so much progress! Also I was delighted to see Kyriakoula and Maria back from their travels and busy schedules - and they were both in excellent shape...
The morning itself doesn't change much! We had Melisandre as our model and we started with a 'warming up', one-minute poses, in which she slowly turns around. Not everybody is equally good at this, but because there's absolutely no time to think, participants often surprise themselves with their accuracy! (see above). After the one-minute poses, the two minutes all of a sudden seem very long...

After the warming up we draw a couple of poses for 10 minutes and because we started early we could squeeze out three poses before the coffee break!

After refreshing tea coffee and healthy cookies, we have a long pose - until 12 o'clock. Some use that time to get a lot of detail in, shadow, background, resemblance, others walk around and draw the model from various positions, and then there are some who like to experiment... With colours, with paint or other materials... Very interesting results - I love to see so many different styles!:

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