Monday, 16 March 2015

 Wet silver

 Very subtle knife and spoon by Christine

 Again, we had a fruitful session, this time with the subject 'cutlery'... As you can see in this post, the aquarellistas were at their best once more with this difficult project! There is the drawing, interesting darks and lights, perspective, reflection and metal-look, and then the waterdrops on the silver... a lot of challenge all in one painting.
I am proud to say that it worked out very well, some are even finished. (And I am happy that my knives and forks have their 15 minutes of fame!)
Double spooning - an almost graphical take on things by Avril

 Gorgeous start of an interesting still life, how-does-she-do-that-every-time?? by Cat

 Another graphical representation of two spoons, this one by Costanza

 Is this plate half-full or half empty? What's on it? Is it broken or just covered... Edith's art evokes questions!
 Guest-Guus created a quiet painting out of the still life...

 Liz had her own example with her, even more complicated, but up to now it looks like that will work out very well. The dark dots on the lemon will go: they are dots of masking fluid (also in the reflection)

Sandra worked on her reflection in the lake - girl with flowers. I'm happy she did, the more I look at it the more I love this painting...

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