Friday, 13 March 2015

In Memoriam Wim Teunissen

'Inconceivable that such a thing can happen so unexpectedly. With much sadness we say goodbye to my beloved, indispensable Wim, our dear father, grandfather and 'opie'.
After a short illness, he unexpectedly passed away in the South of France. We will miss him enormously.'

Yvonne Teunissen

As many of you may know by now, our Hangar member Wim Teunissen passed away suddenly, on Friday 6 March. Wim has been a Hangar colleague for a long time and we shall miss his enthusiasm and advice. He will leave a large empty space in Pim’s class. We have passed on our condolences to Wim’s wife, Yvonne, and her family.
Flowers are being sent on behalf of The Hangar. Wim will be cremated in Leusden, The Netherlands, this Saturday March 14 at 16:00. The address is: Crematorium Rusthof, Dodeweg 31, Leusden.
Flowers can be sent to: Tap-Dela Uitvaartzorg, Soestdijkseweg-Zuid 265, Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

Below some recent pictures of Wim which I took during a meal in the Hangar - and then some of his work...

 'Eva Coloris'
 'Sweet Dreams'
'Femme Bleue'

 Live drawing of Marie-Jo

Live drawing of Melisandre

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