Wednesday, 26 July 2017


The best kept secret of the Abstract Vibrations Expo number IV must be Celina Schou.
She is behind all those blog posts about the artists, and it was Celina who built that fabulous Abstract Vibrations website. Working calmly in the background, she has made sure there was plenty of information about everyone! For which she deserves a lot of praise...

Celina is one of the Norwegian members of the Hangar Art Association. She sculpts, and paints both in watercolours and in acrylics, with the abstract group in the Hangar. She is also a member of 'les Beaux arts de Cannes' and she exhibits regularly, locally, internationally and with an impressive presence on the internet! In the Projet 195 exhibition, Celina presents 5 abstract paintings in acrylic - and a sculpture.

"Art is what inspires me and provides colour and flavour to my life" is what she sais - and that is clearly visible in the paintings shown here (apart from 'Fiat Lux' the pics are all taken 'live' in the exhibition):

Fiat Lux

Magical Garden



For more information about Celina and her paintings and sculptures, have a look on the Abstract Vibrations Website - or look her up on Pinterest!!

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