Saturday, 8 July 2017


I would like to introduce Irene Olkkonen - one of the abstract artists at the Hangar. She has four of her paintings on display at P195 in Grasse for Abstract Vibrations IV.
Irene has been a member of the Hangar Art association for quite some time. She has experimented with pastels, oils, watercolours and clay but got really carried away with acrylics when learning about abstract expressionism. She is originally from Finland and lives and exhibits at the Cote d’Azur. 

This is what Irene says about the painting process:
"When starting a new painting I often have an idea in my head of what I intend to do. I spread the colours on the canvas, changing something, removing or adding on something else. I get absorbed in the work expressing moods and feelings of the moment. In this way my experience of the whole process of painting becomes a kind of meditative engagement. At the end I am often led to interesting and surprising results." 

Glimpse of a Garden


Come and see the paintings for yourself. You can read more about the event on

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