Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Karin is an Austrian artist who married a Frenchman and settled on the Côte d'Azur. She has worked at the Hangar for many years. Her paintings are in acrylics but often she mixes in other natural media such as beeswax, biodegradable raw canvas, natural pigments, or ochre sand from the quarries of the Luberon.

About her work she says: "L’installation dans le sud de la France constitue une nouvelle rupture existentielle. La lumière cristalline des horizons pastels, les contrastes chromatiques de la nature et les fragrances saisonnières produiront des effets sensibles dans mon rapport au monde. C’est l’origine du kaléidoscope pictural de mon travail."

Resources fondamentales 120 x 120

Route terrestre 

Where are you going 120 x 120

Pendant 116 x 89

Crowd on the red carpet 89x116

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