Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hangar visit to the Hans Hartung Foundation

On Tuesday this week Anne-Marie Viborel had organized a visit to the Hans Hartung Foundation. About 20 members found their way to Antibes. The tour started with a presentation of the buildings and the property. We then moved on to see the section devoted to Anna-Eva Bergman. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and answers all our questions. We were shown some of her artwork – both illustrations for books and magazines and the abstracts she did later on in her life. They were stunning to say the least.
Hangar members looking at abstract versions of the coast of Finmark (Norway)

Inside the treasury – literally hundreds of her paintings and thousands of her illustrations.
Here we see “Silver Mountain”
The next part of the visit was to the Hans Hartung Section. We got to see his atelier. What really impressed us was the large selections of tools he used to create his masterpieces. We were also impressed by his productivity – and in the “exhibition” area, we go to see an example of what he was capable of producing in one day. We were shown many examples of his work from early days where everything was well planned and worked out – up until the last part of his life where his work was more spontaneous.
A selection of Hans Hartung’s painting tools

The result of a day’s work

Not only did Hans Hartung uses brushes – but a wide range of building materials.

by Celina Schou

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