Monday, 21 February 2011

Variations on a theme

Rose by Ann Edwards - she will add a strong shadow in the next stage

Ann, Cathie, Edith and me got together on Aquarellista Tuesday, everyone else was either traveling, having extensive lunch with husband or ill... The four of us had a great time, we drank tea from XLmugs, discussed our work in detail and have something to show for, all with 'Roses Without Thorns' in the backs of our heads... 

Cathie van der Stel's angel - even more beautiful now that it is finished

 Cathie also started another version of the  thornless rose... Not finished but already stunning!!
Would this be the one for the contest? Or still a study... 

Edith Alborni's rose without thorns - she worked wet-in-wet combined with a little bit of masking fluid

And in the same line of thought, maybe slightly less serious, I started painting a very corny single-cover, of a sixties single by 'Gert & Hermien' with the title "No roses without thorns"

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