Sunday, 20 February 2011

Live model drawing - Monday 9.30 - 12 - Marina Kulik

Sunniva Langmoen, Neville Moray, Lucia Gualtieri and Sandra Seymour-Dale hard at work...

Every other Monday there is a live model class, for the artists who are seriously studying the human shape and want to train their hand-eye coordination. I don't think there is something more difficult than drawing the human body, in proportion, and with a likeness! Yet the Monday morning group does a great job...
Mélisandre by Charmian Murley
I have noticed that the people who participate in the live class are not afraid to take on whatever subject with their pencils...
Sue Ellis

Our "model du jour" was new to us, Mélisandre, a professional model from Paris - and it was a fantastic experience to work with her!
Virginie Bertoluzzi

She sits incredibly still, I don't have to tell her anything about positions, she knows what will be interesting to draw - and from all angles.

Gwenaelle Chabaud

Apart from that she has a beautiful body... No wonder she is fully booked all the time, but I'll try to get her as often as possible, and we may spend the full Monday with her and use paint...

Trish Morris

I took pictures with my phone, they came out really bad, so I'm afraid I won't be able show you Sunniva's, Neville's, Sandra's and Lucia's work this time...
Marijke van Schijndel's quick sketches

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