Monday, 28 February 2011

Watercolour starters - progress!

Tuesday afternoon is aquarellista (or 'zen') afternoon, and apart from our regular, advanced artists, there is also a starter group. In five or six afternoons they learn the groundrules of the technique. This post is meant to make them a big fat compliment on their progress - with the results of the 'suggest volume' exercise...

 Lesley Bufton's finished exercise - it is fabulous! Note in the first place that it has volume, then the bird with its wonderful feathers, the orange ball down left, the fried egg in the middle and all these other animals with their intricate details!!!

Roly Bufton likes the big picture and the bright colours - and his painting shows it! Below the striped red-pink cylindre demonstrates that the suggestion of volume is better when you follow the shape with your pattern

Roly's excellent spheres! They seem to roll from the paper!

And the same for Lesley's marbles... fabulous...

The 'advanced' group in the meantime is working on their top secret entries for the Grand Prix d'aquarelle... Next week more about that!

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