Monday, 7 February 2011

A dozen aquarellista's on a Tuesday afternoon

big fun at the 'outcast' table

Twelve aquarellistas, three levels, two subjects and one (slightly) chaotic afternoon last Tuesday. Yet the company (combined with Marina's famous tea) made everybody feel comfortable - and some great work was achieved! The starters and Edith did a "washing" exercise which will in the coming weeks be finished, with the suggestion of volume...
4 exercises, washed and already beginning to look voluminous

The other part of the group was working on the Grand Prix, in other words, thinking, experimenting, researching and creating around the theme "Roses without thorns"... Shall we take it literally, have peonies or Christmas roses as subjects? Or use the symbolic value and express total innocence? Or paint regular roses with a twist... or something else... It is an inspiring subject, so much is clear - and it will give us many weeks of fun... Here's an overview...

Edith Alborni covered her two roses with masking fluid, added a dark background and behold the stunning result!

Anna-Karin Fast worked on Christmas roses - with her broken brush, now repaired!!

Cathie was doodling a bit and ended up with these wonderfully fragile -eh- little flowers... you can almost smell them...

Marina Teding van Berkhout is purely researching for a perfect, wet-in-wet 'handwriting' and she's getting there

Sandra Seymour-Dale's half-finished delicate rose (no thorns)

Lies Timmermans, just visiting for 1 week from Switzerland (luckily returning within 2 months) started a brilliant rose - that she is going to finish at home

Bibbi Isaksson just returned from Sweden - she was thinking in the direction of innocence last week... but with her creative mind that may change! More than once even...

And I painted a rose as a tribute to the boy David, son of a friend, who went missing and after 3 weeks of frantic searching by his family and friends was found dead. We'll dearly miss him.

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