Monday, 20 February 2012

Aquarelle - Tuesdays - 2 - 4.30pm - Marina Kulik

Tuesday 14 February
Last week we got together in the Hangar to have a break from Valentines day, work on a variety of paintings, discuss our work and ideas, drink verveine-menthe-orange tea and listen to music. As you can imagine we had a good time - and what came out of it was better than good!

First of all - the last work on the miniature/enlargement project was finished:
Brigitte Jansen created this composition with ivy leaves. She kept wanting to push the 'photo' away - that's how realistic the miniature is...

Georgina Hole finished her enlargement of the colourful parrot, looking sideways at his own miniature

We had a visitor, Claudie Godart. She is an artist working with other materials right now and because she works on boats in the season, she'd like to learn aquarelle because it enables her to (easier) create her 'carnets de voyage'. Claudie will come back in October when the sailing season is over for them...
The logic choice of boatie Claudie Godart -  after a picture in the light and shadow book. So well done for a first try!

Two group members couldn't help themselves being inspired by the Valentine mood:

 Agn├Ęs McLaughlin painted this extremely lovely and romantic bunch of roses and lilies

 Cathie van der Stel painted this beautiful colourful magnification of a tiny frog - that of course will change into a prince as soon as you kiss him!

Liz Douglas proceeded with her impression of Plascassier. She started with the foreground and sky - or better put, an abstraction of that. It worked, it works very well! Coming Tuesday it will probably be finished - and shown in this blog, so watch this space!

Sandra Seymour-Dale is working on another magically interesting picture - this is what it looks like halfway.  the painting will now be stored for a couple of weeks so her view on it becomes fresh again before she finishes it...

Edith Alborni created one of the best versions I have seen of 'the girl'. More about that in a later post...

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